Fine Options for the Best Dedicated Servers Now

On the website there are a number of useful tips for private individuals that you should pay attention to when purchasing a backup. Like the tip that a copy is not enough. Many backups are stored at the home computer. In case of fire damage or burglary, both the original information on the computer and the backup are often lost or damaged. Therefore, keep a second copy of the storage in another room or even better with family. It is, of course, easier to store the data online. Then you are not dependent on anyone and you can be there at any time. Another tip is to no longer use CDs that have a limited lifespan.

Also, it is better not to use USB sticks in good at dedicated server because they simply get lost. Fortunately, there is the possibility to back up free or paid in the cloud. This can be done via Dropbox. Here you can safely store all your photos, videos and documents. Login to dropbox and start with a free account.


Back-up & storage online

The company gives customers the choice of 8 versions of storage capacity. The first 2GB online storage space is free. Up to 50 GB costs $ 6, up to 100 GB $ 12. The most expensive is a backup up to 2TB; it costs $ 240. The files can be shared online. All data from the online storage is stored in ISO certified Dutch data centers. A contract is concluded for 12 months that can then be terminated monthly. KPN back-up is a business service for storage and automatic backup of files. Many people know that a backup is necessary but nevertheless often postpone it. The automatic backup is also stored online so that it is securely stored in a protected environment on the internet.

Google Drive

In addition to its search engine, Google has many other services such as Drive cloud storage space. In Drive, documents such as spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, photos and videos can be stored in 15 different storage areas. Drive can also be implanted on a Mac PC. The first 15 GB in Drive are free. Thereafter, the storage costs up to 100 GB $ 1.99 per month. A surcharge of up to 1 TB costs $ 10 per month. Files can be viewed and edited by all users of the account on computers, laptops and smartphones. Drive Drive for Work features hundreds of third-party integrated apps including DocuSign, LucidCharts and Smartsheets.


There is a new player on the market in the Netherlands for cloud storage of data. It is Stack, a company founded by hosting provider Transip. Customers of the hosting company receive 1 terabyte of free cloud storage after registration. The service is ideal for individuals but also for small businesses.

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